Alloy Solutions

Virtus Precision Tube uses its metallurgical expertise to pursue new tube alloy solutions that deliver advantages over industry standard alloys We use this same alloy know-how to help our customers develop economical heat exchangers that have the strength to handle next generation refrigerants.


Virtus's standard DHP copper tube is branded UNITUBE and is available as hairpins, smooth or inner-grooved tube.  UNITUBE can also be tin coated with Virtus's T-Proof® corrosion resistant coating.


Virtus's new UNILLOY tube is composed of a high strength Cu-Ni-Sn alloy and currently available in sizes 1/4", 7mm, 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2".

Advantages of UNILLOY:

  • Significant raw material cost savings when applied to both existing and futures designs of ACR heat exchangers
  • Reduces copper consumption by allowing the use of thinner tube walls in standard refrigeration applications
  • Heat transfer and pressure drop testing equivalent to current C122 alloy
  • Enables the use of high performance roll-and-weld technology, while remaining competitive with other tube manufacturing processes
  • Provides a platform to develop next generation heat exchangers using CO2 and other high-pressure refrigerants

UNILLOY® tube is available in Virtus's revolutionary 'Tube-in-a-Cube® (TIAC®) package, or can be supplied in custom sized hairpin form.

By using TIAC® packaging, customers have fewer tie-offs which result in less changeover scrap and greater uptime on equipment.

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